Monday, November 9, 2009

A series of unfortunate events

I first heard of the story from my tita who is staying over after a hospital procedure. She said the road accident happened sometime last week. A bus headed to Tibal-og, Davao del Norte was following a tractor with a cargo of water. It then tried to overtake the tractor and almost collided head-on with an oncoming truck. The bus tried to avoid the truck and swerved to its right. Unfortunately, it hit the tractor and killed its driver. A bus passenger also died and the conductor lost a leg.

A while ago, my uncle arrived and said another tragedy struck the tractor driver's family. The funeral car carrying the remains was hit by a truck near the scene of the first accident. Perhaps what's most tragic about this was the car's driver, the dead man's mother and a child relative died. The dead man's body was not spared as the coffin flew off the car because of the impact.

The bus driver had the presence of mind to flee the scene. If he did not, there was a chance his life will not be spared by the wrath of grieving relatives and friends who were following the funeral car to bury their dead.

It is hard to feel sorry for a man who, by accident, killed people. Especially when he is found to be carrying shabu in his wallet.

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