Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to get an NBI clearance (for the nth time)

This morning I got my NBI clearance in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not bad, especially with the crowd I saw when I arrived. Lesson learned: Do not leave old NBI clearance behind with other stuff for storage. Renewal takes less time.

I decided to post a few tips below hoping that first time NBI clearance applicants stumble upon it. Some of it might actually be helpful:
~ NBI satellite office located in front of Victoria Mall, Bajada, Davao City allots a certain number of forms for both AM and PM transactions

~ If you wish to finish before lunch time, be at the NBI office on or before 9:00am. I got there at 9:20am and a few minutes after, they announced that they ran out of forms already. Those who were not able to get forms were advised to come back at 1:00pm.

~ Listen carefully to instructions and hone your observation skills. One thing I distinctly noted earlier was the NBI staff I saw were all in plain clothes. Maybe it was laundry day or maybe it was just standard operating procedure for them not to be in uniform but that certainly made it harder to pinpoint people I can approach to ask questions.

Good thing there were volunteers/OJTs (I assumed) who look like students of a law enforcement or maritime school. They at least were easily identifiable in their respective stations. Other than these volunteers/OJTs (again, I'm just assuming), finding someone to provide information was a bit of a pain. It did not help that the tarpaulin listing the steps was posted within what served as waiting area for those whose numbers were already called.

Advice to NBI office mentioned: please put the information near the gate where everyone can easily see it.

I also took some notes from the info tarpaulin detailing the 8 steps in getting an NBI clearance (for first time applicants):
Step 1. Verification of true identification of applicant (required: valid ID with picture or Community Tax Certificate)
Step 2. Filling up in bold letters and checking of NBI clearance card details
Step 3. Fingerprinting by the fingerprint personnel
Step 4. Paying of correct fees at the cashier's office
Local Employment - Php115.00
Travel Abroad - Php115.00
Licenses - Php165.00
Business - Php165.00
BI Requirements - Php415.00
Step 5. Image Capture Processing
Step 6. Data Encoding (to verify whether applicant has no records in file or has no namesake)
Step 7. Releasing in same day for "No" records/"No Hit Applicants"
Step 8. For "Hit applicants" - advice to return in ten (10) working days period

And as end note, keep your NBI clearance where you can easily access or find it come renewal time. Believe me, renewal is much much easier. I should know, I have done it back when I had the foresight to keep my old clearance.

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