Monday, November 23, 2009

Warm again

Yesterday I asked myself if I will ever be warm again. I began to feel cold as soon as I got our relative's call telling me that our mother was in the ICU and was in critical condition. The cold settled in and never left until a while ago. The hardest thing for us to deal with was the feeling of helplessness because of the distance.

It was the most somber birthday for my youngest sister. She is the closest to our mom so I could just imagine all the mixed emotions she had. I could not even begin to tell them everything I was told. I could not even process them. It was much easier for me to omit some of the details. I somehow doubt I would be able to convey everything I heard when my mind could not even accept what I heard.

Prayers helped us got by. The support and prayers of friends added to the conviction that all will be well.

Earlier I got word from my mom that her respirator and other life support gadgets have been removed. She will be transferred from the ICU and will stay in the hospital until she recovers. Only after I heard that news that I began to feel warm again.

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