Monday, September 14, 2009

I Like For Me To Remember

The heart remembers what the brain forgets. I was ten years old when I watched the film Choices of the Heart and it inexplicably touched my life. I could not remember much of it but what remains vivid is how I felt while watching it. It was exactly at that moment when I dreamed of becoming a UN volunteer.

Years have past and the movie still haunts me. I hope I could watch it again soon. I want to know if I would react to it differently. But I think, most of all, I want my brain to remember what my heart clearly failed to forget.

Perhaps a memory latches on to what was most open when it happened. It could be that what the brain failed to understand, the heart was able to grasp. It is about fleeting chances and two constant opportunities to capture beautiful things.

To remember in both heart and mind - to feel in my being and see in my head that which makes me feel alive - maybe that is what it feels to be certain. A certainty that only comes in opportune moments of complete remembrance.

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