Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Journey

Two average-sized suitcases and one smaller one for handcarry, those are the stuff my friend and her daughter will carry with them as they begin a new life in Brisbane. I spent the day with them, mostly to hang out and help them pack. There were so many things that will be left behind. All of which would soon go to other boxes and suitcases that will be brought back to their home province a week before they leave.

I'm used to packing and leaving but only when I'm the one doing it. It becomes another matter when it involves people I care about. I found the entire exercise a bittersweet affair. It all sank in to me while we were putting her daughter's things in the suitcase. I knew that this time would come eversince my friend started making plans. Until now I'm still amazed that she pulled it through this quickly. And knowing what she went through to get at this point, I believe with all my heart that they are meant to embark on this new journey.
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