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25 Albums

Tagged by Mayee. Ang hirap pala nito hahaha! Di naman kasi talaga ako ma-music na tao...I think. Anyway, best effort na to :-)

"Maglista ng 25 albums na nagkaron ng 'profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world.'”

1. Nursery Songs from Around the World (circa 1970's) – ayan, dead giveaway sa age ko hahaha! actually I'm not sure if that really was the title of the album. The cassette tape came with the big red box of a reading 101 type packet that was a gift from my mother. I was 4 or 5 years old. The songs came from all over the world and I can still remember most of them.

2. The Joshua Tree, U2 (1987) - mainly because I'm a U2 fan, fancied myself in love with Bono and that awesome song, With or Without You.

3. The Best of The Doors, The Doors (1973) - I love this album, wala akong maitapon sa tracklisting. Riders on the Storm, People are Strange and Hello, I Love You though top the list of my personal favorites. Used to spend time listening to the album while trying to stay awake reviewing Psych and Chem textbooks for quizzes and exams.

4. Tracy Chapman, self-titled (1988) - I associate this with some sisses. Parati kasi namin pinapakinggan. One time I remember we were just cruising in a quiet road from Magalang going back to Angeles City in Pampanga and it was just a perfect day. Clear blue skies and verdant green fields around us. Mareng Tracy was crooning inside the car. And I remember thinking it was truly a one fine day.

5. Greatest Hits, The Cure (2001) - naalala ko ang high school at early college days whenever I hear In Between Days, Friday I'm in Love and Boy's Don't Cry

6. Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (1988) - Katipunan days. I shared this apartment in Katipunan with three other sisses. This was the time I was exposed to different genres of music everyday. One of them was studying ballet at the College of Music and her collection of albums were mostly classical. The other one was into alternative and rock while the last one was into pop music. I was the one who just listened to whatever was playing and learned to appreciate what I heard. Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars was one of the alternative/rock sis' collection. What I am and Circle are my top choices in that album.

7. My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) - I first heard the album during the trip from Jakarta airport to Jatiluhur. One of my teammates already watched the movie before we left for the SEA Games and she liked it so much she bought a tape. It was the only album we listened to the entire trip and by the time we got to Jatiluhur I vowed to myself that as soon as we're back in PHI I'll watch the movie.

8. A Walk To Remember Soundtrack (2002) - This was another bus-ride song. Japan 2002. We were on our way to Kansai airport in Osaka from the Asian Championships held in Aioi City. It was the first soundtrack CD I bought because I fell in love with the songs especially Switchfoot's Dare You To Move. I thought the men's team would find the music cheesy but surprisingly, they ended up humming along with some of the songs. Hmmmm.

9. The Celts, Enya (1987) - My top pick among her albums. I always imagined myself transported to Ireland. I could almost sense and see those images that the songs hauntingly paint in my mind.

10. Chant, The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos (1994) - soothing and mysterious at the same time

11. Sounds of Silence (1966) - 4th year high school English. We spent three hours "decoding" the song. I learned to appreciate the song better after that. Recently, I heard a hauntingly beautiful version while watching Watchmen and it's been in my mind since.

12. The Sound of Music, Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II (1959) - ang kulit ni Maria at ang cute nung mga bata. at siyempre crush ko si Captain Georg Von Trapp at muntik nang maiyak nung kinanta nya yung Edelweiss. (other fave songs in the track: The Sound of Music, My Favorite Things, Climb Ev'ry Mountain and Do-Re-Mi)

13. Les Miserables, West End version (1985) - Fantine's I Dreamed a Dream, Young Cosette and Madame Thénardier's Castle on a Cloud, Javer's Stars, Beggars and the others' Look Down, Valjean and the others' One More Day, At the Barricade, Eponine's On My Own, and A Little Fall of Rain are my absolute favorites until forever.

14. Josh Groban, (2001) - kasi natuwa ako sa Vincent at The Prayer nya

15. Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette (1997) - because life is ironic :-)

16. Vauxhall and I, Morrissey (1994) - because "The More YOu Ignore Me, the Closer I Get".

17. Parachutes, Coldplay (2000) - dahil crush ko si Chris Martin at gustong gusto ko yung Yellow

18. The Best Of Juan Dela Cruz Band (1980) - napapakanta sa Himig Natin

19. UltraElectroMagneticPop!, Eraserheads (1993) - yung mga kantang una kong narinig sa Para Sa 'Yo Bagong Isko concerts ay napapakinggan ko na sa mga radyo at telebisyon. the succeeding albums still reflected the character of the group at for that, they really made their mark in the local music scene.

20. The Beatles (1968) - blackbird singing in the dead of night...

21. Left of the Middle, Natalie Imbruglia (1997) – Torn lang ang kaya kong kantahin sa videoke, siguro dahil sa kapapakinig sa kanya, natutunan na rin ng vocal chords ko na aralin na kantahin siya.

22. Third Eye Blind (1997) - parang The Doors to sa kin. pang relax pag inis or kung type kong wala lang, makinig lang at wag mag-isip.

23. Crowded House (1986) - don't dream it's over when it's clearly over was a relentless attack to an already crushed heart

24.My Girl (Koreanovela Soundtrack) - kahit di ko naiintindihan gustong gusto ko naririnig. Ganda kasi nung tv series. Dalawang beses kong pinanood to.

25. I Am Sam, Soundtrack (2002) - love the movie. brought the CD with me at The Hague. I came back, the CD didn't. That was one of the other stuff I left, along with my heart, at The Hague.

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