Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So This Is How It Feels

To have a malware steal one's instant messaging account password is probably one of the most annoying things that could happen. What irritates me most about this experience is that feeling of being violated somehow. We're talking about privacy here. It's not a comforting feeling to discover, to know for a fact, that despite my best efforts to keep my account information secure, I'm still vulnerable to having my password stolen.

Now I have to make time to change ALL my passwords lest the others have been stolen too. And I cringe in embarrassment just to think about the people who must have received similar messages from me. Apart from the fact that whoever composed the message that SUPPOSEDLY came from me couldn't even spell exercise correctly, it pains me to know that my interest for fitness/wellness make this fake message even look more real. Argh! As if I would advertise such things!

Experience like this make all the Internet-borne threats more real. And this is just a plain and simple manifestation of the many threats out there. I pity those who have to go through worse experiences than this.


menard said...

Sohanad variant yan?

Reminded me of my skype pron chats.
And reminded me that recently I have no technie stuffs related post, lazy me :(

Jercyl said...

Not sure if it's Sohanad. Malamang one of its variants nga. It's been busy doing rounds ata :-)

Yeah, I read that skype entry you did and really liked you sharing the info to your readers.

Don't be too busy to forget writing similar stuff, very helpful hehehe :-)