Monday, February 16, 2009

Simply Bliss

Mayee's back from her YinYang stint. Apart from having her sweet and sunny presence back, she returned with my first ever SIGG water bottle! :-) I've been soooooo excited to have one since I first saw it featured here.

I got my bottle since just before lunch this morning and it's been sitting on my desk for hours now, still unused. The thing is, it looks really new and shiny and clean there that I don't have the heart to use it yet.

Mayee has a cute .6L bottle and Christian got a flask and both designs are the coolest. Argh! Now I'm thinking I need to seriously save more money so I can buy myself another one.


mayee said...

ako din eh! parang there are 3 or 4 other designs i'd like to have hahaha. but how is that helping the environment haha

Jercyl said...

hahaha!~ oo eh.

thanks again mayeepot! :-) hugs!