Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Riding the Wave

It's all about ebbs and flows lately.Yesterday was all about being keyed up and mega-productive.I was quietly rejoicing for finding myself in the zone again.I succeeded in finishing everything on my very demanding checklist and even managed to go home much earlier than I anticipated.

But today,well,it was like probably the opposite of everything that happened yesterday.I couldn't seem to pull myself out of this mind-numbing stupor that's pressing like a dark cloud.I was coasting that I just had to find ways to breathe life into what felt like a dead soul.

I thought a serving of a good strong coffee from Starbucks would awaken my dull senses.Unfortunately,it seems coffee was not the answer either.And because of that brief visit, I almost lost my wallet.I totally forgot about it and just left Starbucks with Colleen.I only noticed I was missing it when we got back to the office.

I wasn't very optimistic about getting my wallet back because we were sitting outside and who knows who might have just picked it up.But I guess the one good thing that came out of it was to experience first-hand how Starbucks tries to live up to its brand promise.

I swear I was grateful that they found my wallet but what I found most impressive was the measures they took to inform me that they have it. By the time Colleen and I got back to the store, they've already found the time to call me on my cellphone (which I left at my desk) and inform our team's manager that they have my wallet.Now, that's customer service at its best.

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Lovely Leony's Life said...

See! And that's why I also love Starbucks! As an HR person focusing on culture building, I'm really impressed with Starbucks when it comes to this. They're really a best practice company when it comes to culture