Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh-So Sweet Affairs

I asked Christian earlier if I look like I've been losing weight lately (which was really just a rhetorical question seeing that I'm probably ballooning faster than I can say diet). The reason I asked was because some uber-nice people have been giving me lots of great food (and tons of sweets!) since last Saturday.

Saturday was probably the ultimate uncontrolled eating session I've had in recent memory. It's not actually easy to say no when you're not buying the food in the first place. And telling them that I'm on a diet sounds pretty lame since these are people who know how I love to eat.

All that eating started with the rowing meeting at the Quezon City Sports Club. James bought us food and drinks where I had my favorite tuna sandwich and brewed coffee. Then after that, sis Daisy bought me the triple chocolate brownies at Goldilocks when we met at Ayala on our way to see sis Aina. I thought then that we're done eating sweets for the day but it turned out the universe had other plans for me.

It was when Daisy and I got to The Manila Peninsula that we did more eating than we could possibly imagine when we set out to meet sis Aina. Aina arrived last week for a brief visit so we blocked off our Saturday afternoon to spend time with her.

Joined by some sisses and Danvic with her wife Melissa and daughter Kiarra, we finished the biggest serving of ice cream I've ever had. There were at least eight of us in Aina's room and yet we weren't able to finish the ice cream quickly as we've thought we could. The picture on the menu didn't do justice to the real thing and I'd say it was a fun experience to be served that much ice cream.

As I was planning on leaving, somebody egged Daisy to treat everyone to T.G.I. Friday's to which she promptly said yes. So we ended up at Glorietta for dinner. After ordering everything that would satisfy our craving for dinner, we finished off at Friday's and went back to Manila Pen thinking that we wouldn't probably be thinking of food again sometime soon after that. However, as soon as sis Babs arrived Aina ordered food for everyone to share. I'd say that food and conversations made for that great Saturday afternoon/evening.

If I think that it was probably the end of all that eating then it appears that I'm wrong. It seems that people are extremely sweet these days because today a colleague just had this inspiration to buy me a cup of coffee from Starbucks. It was a nice but unexpected gesture which prompted me to wonder if I look as if I'm not eating much lately for some people to offer me food every chance they get. I'm amazed and feeling blessed with all these nice gestures from the sweetest people I know.

Thanks everyone! :-)

Pahabol: Just when I was about to publish this, Jason gave me dark chocolates (Dark 60% Cacao woooooot!) that he said Shimizu-san gave for everyone to share. What more can I say? Thank you universe!

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