Friday, December 12, 2008

(Not a) Virus Magnet

Just when I thought I've finally maximized my quota of flu and cold viruses for this year, I managed to get myself bogged down by the insufferable irritants again this week. It's exhausting, to say the least, to battle it out with these freaks of nature.

I hate being sick. I often manage to get by only because I tend to ignore the signs. Tough it out is what I do. Most times I manage but sometimes, there are moments when I wish I can just laze the day away and feel sick.

I also tend to be extra sad whenever I get sick. It's like a reminder, in huge neon signs, of how lazy I've become that I've disregarded my health to the point of losing my defenses against common colds. And feeling sick makes me want to curl up in bed and cry. But that's something I only allow myself to do if I'm home with my family there to take care of me or if I'm sick enough that no amount of mind power can get me off my bed.

So, looking back, I guess my virus guests weren't that strong enough to make me stay home and cry buckets of tears. But I sure did feel that they were persistent enough and effective enough to make me walk around in a daze trying to block all the aches and pains. I definitely didn't enjoy that part when I was torn between barfing what little food I've had and wondering if I'm suffering gas or LBM.

Thank God the worst seems to be over. The weekend beckons and getting rid of the virus magnet tops my list of things I need to think about and work on. Aja!

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