Friday, December 26, 2008

Urbi et Orbi

I am not a Catholic but I had enough Catholic education to respect religious traditions that is very strong in that faith. I think behind every great religion is a simple but powerful foundation, one that is built in faith, love, hope, and selflessness. This is why the papal's Christmas message this year touched me and made me think of my journey, which is often hindered by my own selfishness and greed.

“Wherever the selfishness of individuals and groups prevails over the common good … may the light of Christmas shine forth and encourage all people to do their part in a spirit of authentic solidarity. If people look only to their own interests, our world will certainly fall apart." ~ Pope Benedict XVII
I share the hope of everyone to see a better world and I nurture a desire to become a better person than I presently am. I nurture a wish to balance my desire for goodness for myself and the selflessness to be a catalyst of change, no matter how small or insignificant. It is not an easy path to take, but I wish for the courage to go that way anyway.

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