Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things Get Done, Personal Feelings Aside

After all the UB experience and a general feeling of goodwill, optimism, and higher level of trust all around; I would say that it really came as a surprise to realize that someone I know seems to believe that personal feelings stood (and still stands) in the way of getting things done. This made me think just how much effort all of us spend on believing what others who are different from us can actually do, regardless of how personal biases color our judgments.

No matter how we might sometimes wish it to be otherwise, it is a sweet fact of life that we were not made out of the same mould. To imagine others to be less than who we are, just because we see ourselves as strong, unemotional, and right...well, it is tragic. This is the kind of thinking that erodes foundations, that weakens bridges, that creates a feeling of inferiority to others. This is the kind of belief system that is probably one of the saddest realities in life.

Perhaps it would help if we look around, see the world, see people, see beyond the facades, see the soul...and maybe - just maybe - there might be a wealth of opportunities there to learn and grow.

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