Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making Room In My Foxhole

Reading this and this prompted me to think about my own list. For someone who has seen and experienced so much in the trenches, I'm still sticking to the simple things that are deeply rooted and strong enough to weather the complexities of love.

1. is self-aware
2. knows what he wants in life
3. has a self-assurance that is unshakeable in adversity
4. quietly strong and determined
5. can listen to my musings without judgment
6. is capable of surprising me with little gestures that resonate in my soul
7. holds my hand every chance he gets
8. is not self-absorbed but rather, capable of deep compassion for others
9. can make me laugh
10.encourages me to pursue my interests and hobbies someone who's open to experiencing the things I do someone who would love to go running with me
13.likes to read as well
14.someone who I can talk to about so many things
15.lean and fit willing to understand my quirks
17.knows how to take the lead in situations when I would expect him to take the lead
19.has convictions that I share and/or respect strong in faith
21.loyal to the end

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