Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going light

Mababaw akong tao. At dahil mababaw ako, madalas kong pinapansin ang mga bagay na maaaring walang katuturan para sa ibang to. Gaya na lang ng mga 'to:

1. Yung official medical diagnosis na Obese I ako and that I need to be on strict diet - Disclaimer lang, hindi naman kaimposiblehang maging obese. Tao lang naman. At ako'y taong aminadong matakaw at nabubuhay sa chocolates so hindi katakatakang maging obese. Maybe what struck me most lang sa current situation na ito is that it's the first time in my whole life that I'm nine (9) kilos overweight. And what alarms me most is ~~ I should know better than to go down this path given my long line of Diabetic family history (in both sides).At ang isang malaking tanong sa utak ko, bakit di ko magawang mag-diet? I know how to manage my health and I have been fit for the longest time. So, what is this that's causing me to forget everything I know about nutrition and proper diet? Ang tanong: What happened to the athlete in me?

2. Yung effort to the nth level just to get the doctor to write "Physically fit for training" on that medical form for our upcoming Team Building activity at work - Seriously, this is quite a blow for me. I didn't really pay much attention about stuff like this before kasi I never failed those medical exams they require us to undergo prior to major international competitions. And I'm so used to extremely challenging/difficult training that it's something I take for granted that I'd be able to do if I have the mind to do it. But to actually experience not being fit is an eye opener, on more ways than one. It makes me want to stop for a while and see what's causing me to lose perspective and let my health suffer.

3. And last but not the least, yung recurring "a finger grip on a cliffside" feeling - I don't have the answers yet on this one. But I'm hoping time and space will give me a measure of comfort and clarity.

In the the batcave!

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