Friday, August 29, 2008

digging a burrow that no radar can find

how exactly can one fly under the radar? it's the flying thing that really causes the trouble. i just think that flying's no good because no matter how low you fly, there'll always be a chance that a radar will find you. see, the thing with radars, it puts you right there at the center. it leaves you vulnerable because you're out there in the open, flying. it's like an invitation to disaster. it's like being a duck in open season. it's too easy to shoot you down.

so i'm thinking, flying low is not exactly the best way to avoid the radar. burrowing is a much better option. the deeper the hole, the better.

burrows are necessary once in a while. they provide that much-needed respite from the wear and tear of flying. they are like cocoons that nurtures a wounded soul until such time it is ready to fly again.

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