Sunday, July 13, 2008

Processing what I don't understand

I sit in contentment at my table in Starbucks. I am doing a Mayee. I am spending time reading in a quiet place with my favorite cup of coffee. Nothing disturbs me, not the people who come and go, not even those who stay.

I hear someone talking. It takes a while before I fully make sense of what is said. I look up and see the security guard talking to me and the people at the table next to me. He looks outside, points to a two men walking and tells us that they are "snatchers". They are known bad guys in that area. There are four of them working together. They slash bags, pickpocket and every possible strategy snatchers employ to steal.

I listen in earnest. I look outside and see the men. Then I look back at the guard. I try to process why he is telling us this. It sounds like he is sharing information to us. Perhaps he wants us to be aware of such danger lurking outside.

But in my mind I cannot process such detachment. I want to ask what is being done with that information. Why are these men still out there walking with what seems to me a certain level of impunity i cannot totally understand?

Is this how things should be? Is it better to let bad things happen for as long as it does not affect me directly? Can apathy make everything look better? Is it unwise to rock the boat? Is it better to let it stay on-course regardless of the knowledge that it is way off course? These I need to process.

I finish the coffee, close the book and stand up. I am done reading for now.

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