Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's not just about houses

For two days I was busy digging up foundations, shoveling dirt/sand/gravel, mixing cement, carrying hollow blocks, laying bricks, painting houses, playing with kids and getting to know young people from a different culture. I had the opportunity to do all those things with fellow Trenders Badette and Gedrick who also volunteered for the company's homebuilding program in partnership with GK.
I have always wanted to participate in this program but I neither had the chance nor the time to make it happen during the previous runs. So when another invitation was released to volunteer for the homebuilding project I resolved to join regardless of how tight my schedule is at work. I just thought that if I do not do it this time I may end up waiting forever.

Badette and I submitted our applications to volunteer despite some doubts. I was not very optimistic that we would be allowed to join the group from Taiwan because we cannot stay until the end. We had to be back to work by July 3.

But I think our desire to go was too great for the universe to ignore. We got the go-signal and last Monday, we left for Batangas.
It was there in Batangas that I met thirty university students from Taiwan. These are students who spent money just to fly to Manila to volunteer for the GK. I cannot help but be impressed by them. Talking with them, being with them is an experience that I would not miss for the world. For someone who is used to meeting people from different cultures, I still found the experience unique and extraordinary. It inspires me to see them do what they do because they believe in giving their time and resources to make this world a better place.
I spent two days doing back-breaking and exhausting work. I discovered I am good with a shovel and that I can carry my share of load like any other men and women out there. I worked under the searing heat of the sun and under the rain. I have worked with great men and women out there. And I am immensely happy to have been part of that entire experience.


Lizeth said...

i've always wanted to do that too...same with you oras ang kalaban. some other way, i hope to be able to serve and help people too.Ü

miss you, jerz!

Geoscience Sea Boy said...

Wow! I wish I could do that, too. Where do I sign up? :)

Jercyl said...

Hi, Seth! Miss you too! Have a safe trip! Keep in touch :-)

Hi, Dennis :-)
GK is actively recruiting for "isang milyong bayani" :-) You may visit this site and check how to sign up :-) --->