Friday, July 18, 2008


There is only one way to deal with misery - end it with an extremely painful killer stroke and be done with it. Suffering can only last as long as the willingness to suffer. Hope can only endure as fleetingly as faint wisps of change that fade like illusions of desert oases.

Change cannot truly happen without the will to make it happen. The mind delays the inevitable by focusing on what would be lost. It evades the thought of losing too much, too soon. And while the spirit screams in silent agony, the fa├žade continues to move like a machine that is falling apart.

It is that step off the ledge that liberates the soul from fear of the unknown. Freefalling is that fine line between death and rebirth. The easiest path to change is to let go of everything and embrace the feeling of falling. To resist the possibility of something good or bad to manifest is to waste the possibility of learning and growing.

Freefalling is deep faith. It is faith that whatever is lost can once again be found or replaced with something better. It is faith in landing somewhere. It is the conviction that to survive the fall means another opportunity to live and start anew.

Yes, too much will be lost, too much to dwell upon. Change is coming. It is the change that requires that one resolute jump from the ledge. Nietzsche provides courage with what he said best, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.”

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