Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Rice Chronicles: Band-aids on Gaping Wounds

Picking up from here...

Stumbled into some interesting newsbits again:
  1. 238,000 sacks of rice have just arrived from Vietnam. These will be the NFA rice that will be sold in certain areas to address the rice "shortage". - This is good news, I think, at least there is more supply of rice that could go around for Php18.25/kilo. The thing is, will this ever be enough? Regardless if there is truly a rice shortage or if it is just all the hype that is creating this increasing demand for NFA rice, the bottom line is there is an underlying issue here that really need to be addressed. How long is this country going to rely on importing rice from countries such as Vietnam and the U.S.?
  2. The CBCP will work with the government (i.e. the NFA) to ensure the proper distribution of rice. - Collaboration is the key, so it would seem. Not only is the government asking for the church's help but it also is depending on the local government units to facilitate the proper distribution of rice.
  3. The NFA asked for the NBI's help to investigate on alleged cases of hoarding. - It seems that, again, the laws have no teeth. The NBI said there are existing laws but the challenge usually is the implementation. And that much...is obvious.

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