Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Room For Fear

(FISA Olympic Continental Qualification Regatta For Asia
Shanghai Water Sports Complex
April 25-27, 2008)

I am the youngest umpire here, both in age and experience. I honestly am nervous for what lies ahead. There is just too much at stake. The atmosphere is rife with intense focus on a singular goal, to qualify for the Olympics.

While I am thinking about all these, my eyes zeroed in on the trees not far from the Starter's Tower. I cannot explain why but my doubts suddenly began to fade. I sense the wisdom of the trees, the resilience of the earth, the fluidity and calmness of the water, the intellect and speed of the wind. I feel as if all these things triggered this burning passion to deliver my best despite all the doubts and fear.

I am nervous. Yes I am. But that is a good sign. I am nervous because I am now acknowledging the presence of fear. I am allowing fear to come closer. I am now face to face with it. Looking at it in a much closer distance diminishes its power. I have seen fear from up close and I am still standing.

Fear is a friend. It connects me to so many things which I may otherwise fail to notice.

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