Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zip Me Please

My Tita is enticing me to come home to join the family (and some friends) in a planned trip to Camp Sabros. I am really curious about this place because the first time she told me about it, I caught a hint of excitement and something else that I cannot quite define.

When prodded, this is all she had to say: "Dun yan paanan Mt. Apo. Itatali ka sa cable as if lilipad ka parang Superman. Longest cable dito Philippines as in bundok to bundok distance."

And with those words, my mind went into overdrive. I am now imagining myself attached to that cable and freefalling/freewheeling from one mountain to the next. I am sincerely wishing for the heavens to catapult me to Davao so I can join them.

But of course, as reality draws me back from all these musings, all I can do for the moment is learn more about the place through the Internet. Undoubtedly, what I found only strengthened my resolve to visit the place before the year ends!

"The zip line was 380 meters long, affording a good view of Mount Apo's peak, and the rows of pine trees jutting out like toys from below at a height of 180ft. It was an unbelievable sight, and therapy for those with fear of heights, if they dare. "

My feet are longing to feel the grounds of Camp Sabros. I am absolutely sure that they will find their way there soon as well as in all the other places I intend to travel this year. Shanghai will be first (because of this), Sagada is next, then of course Camp Sabros. If I can squeeze in Camiguin Island then that would definitely be a bonus.

(Photos from here)

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