Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Bible, And Open Road, And Three Books

Lent has always been a time of reflection for my family. It is sad that I cannot be with them again this Lent, but distance does not change how I plan to celebrate it. Lent is really a celebration for me. A time to celebrate my faith and time to worship in forms that I know will always make me feel close to God.

Tranquility and clarity are my goals in my journey to reflection. And to help me achieve that, I have the following to keep me company:

1. The Bible - here the best teachings for meditation and reflection can be found

2. An Open Road - my favorite running route. I have always believed that running is one of the best forms of worship. It is when I feel most open to what life has to give. It is when I can go inward and be closer to myself. It is when I am closest to nature. It is when I feel the energy pulsating from all around me.

3. Three Books - which I all intend to enjoy and finish by Easter Sunday :-)
- How To Travel With A Salmon by Umberto Eco
- Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry
- Wikinomics

All in all, I am pretty excited to embark on my usual reflective pursuits this Lent. This is a time of unloading to make way for new things. This is a time of death and rebirth. This is all about life...and more is all about faith.

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Lizeth said...

have a blessed holy week!