Sunday, March 23, 2008

At the Pinay in Action Race '08

I first heard of the Pinay in Action advocacy from Ani. We were at the airport, waiting for our flight when she told me about it. I was really fascinated by it that I vowed to join the Pinay in Action race that she said they organize annually. And this was before I took up running again.

Looking back, I guess it was what triggered me to run again. It reminded me of just how good it feels to run, more so if it is for cause. It did not harm either that eight days with Ani in the JASA study tour further inspired me as to the kind of people behind the advocacy. Ani epitomizes a Pinay in Action woman and based from the many conversations we had about this topic, Sen. Pia Cayetano is another inspiring figure behind it.

I felt strongly about this cause because it has issues and concerns that resonate. They beg to be addressed. But more than that, I feel that people like the movers behind this intiatives deserve to be celebrated. And I cannot think of a much better way to do that but to share their gift of inspiration and action to my friends.

Suffice to say, I was so looking forward to joining the race that I invited my friends to participate as well. Hence come race day, I was happy beyond words to see friends from the different pit stops I have had in my journey:

1. ISM friends: Lizeth, Lidie, Tita Myrna (with her daughter), Chrizelle (also with her daughter)

2. Dragon Boat Rowing friends/Manila Dragons teammates: Anna Liese, Mary, Rizzo, Anton (no pictures...)

3. Officemates/former officemates: Bixie, Macky, Mayee, Badette

I think that it was truly a great day to be out so early in the morning and be with friends. It was a great day to celebrate the different facets of being a woman. It was a great day to appreciate humanity and realize that we can all be the best of what we can be regardless of our gender.

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Lizeth said...

wow!! ang dami mo palang narecruit :D

it was really funny tho :)

miss you!!