Thursday, December 20, 2007

My own amazing Christmas tree

I got a special gift today, one of the best Christmas presents I’ve had this year. It’s a corporate giveaway in the guise of a Christmas card made from recycled carton. It has a picture of a tree and the words “The Amazing Do-Everything Christmas Tree” printed on it. It also says that the said amazing tree is so great that the giver(s) thought I should have one.

Apart from the creative appeal of the card, the real gift is the tree that will be planted in my name at the Caliraya watershed. Once planted, the giver(s) will also be responsible for supporting for its care and protection by the local community through Haribon Foundation.

Imagine that, people using their time, effort, and resources to give a truly special gift for others this Christmas. Now, that's what I call thoughtful giving. Many thanks to the giver(s) and many Merry Christmas trees to all!

The greatest stuff just keep coming in. I can't believe I'm getting all these things that are so full of meaning for me:
- a friendship voodoo doll (the underdog) + the quirky vouchers from Miray
- a Teddy (Mr. Bean's best friend) phone strap from Mark (because I've always been Teddy to his Mr. Bean :-)
- a canvas tote bag from Myla (interesting note: it says on the tag that 10% of the amount paid to purchase the bag will be donated to Greenpeace)
- the book Alexandria Link from Arlady (because I just miss reading so bad)

Thank you all!

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