Saturday, December 1, 2007

Somebody nudge me from this seat

If not for that SMS I received from my aunt who lives in Davao, I would have remained oblivious to that so-called Makati standoff last Thursday. It was a bit disconcerting for me because I used to religiously read newspapers from cover to cover and can easily relate to a slew of topics related to current events. This time though, a relevant story was unfolding in Makati and I only got wind of it after I read my Tita's message.

Since I was feeling so out-of-the-loop and clueless on what was going on outside the office that has become my world, I immediately began to start reading the news and tried figuring out what the new "crisis" was all about. One of the things that crossed my mind was that the standoff in Makati was like a culmination to a series of events that have been happening for a week. Notably, there were those typhoons that battered certain areas of Luzon and an earthquake that rekindled the traumas of those who vividly remember the July 16, 1990 disaster. These events, the standoff included, was stretching the Filipinos' resilience once again.

To keep abreast of what was happening after LtSG. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim walked out from their court hearing on a separate rebellion charges , I made sure I was home in time to watch the late night news. I was struck by how passionate these soldiers are, particularly LtSG. Trillanes. He was more vocal than Gen. Lim. But somehow, it was Gen. Lim who made quite an impression to me. The guy exudes integrity and quiet pride. I feel the Magdalo, that is my funny take on this entire thing after watching all those news coverage. Amidst the noises and platititudes that politicians and government people make, I hear the sincerity and urgency behind the voices of these soldiers.

While I fully believe in the need for change and consider their grievances as valid, I cannot bring myself to support actions that would only undermine this country's endless efforts to stand up and move forward. However, despite my misgivings to their means, I was moved by the passion in which these soldiers fight for their cause. Their voices resonate and manage to penetrate this growing apathy that has been creeping up on me.

It is hard to condemn LtSG. Trillanes, Gen. Lim and the Magdalo group when I am safely seated on the fence, watching historic events transpire. I may not agree with how they choose to achieve their goals but I am truly amazed and humbled by their commitment to challenge the status quo and be the catalysts for the badly-needed changes for this country.

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