Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bigger than what keeps humanity small

"Human beings are much bigger than just making money." - Muhammad Yunus

Making money is of course a necessity especially for a third world citizen such as myself. The relentless pursuit of every possible means to earn the big bucks is no longer an exception to the rule. It is the rule.

It is easy to say that money is not everything, when you have so much of it that you do not know how it is to go hungry or live on the streets. Maybe it is this fear of not having enough that drives us further into feverish efforts to get ahead, earn a promotion, and ultimately earn 10 digit amounts to feel comfortably secure.

It is not a bad goal to have especially since money does make living easier. But what if that vision slowly begins to define you? What if in pursuit of money, things such as dreams, beliefs, and the capacity to embrace a cause are lost? What then?

Muhammad Yunus' words serve as a reminder that in the end, we are all bigger than just making money. If we look deeper into ourselves, there is a heart filled with dreams and yearnings to do something good for others. And if we really, really, look beyond what we fail to recognize in ourselves, perhaps we will see that there is that strong calling to embrace a cause that we are willing to make sacrifices for.

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